a selection of work, old and new…

Erik Doxtader. Messianic hopes at the moral carnival – The [rhetorical] question of advocating for the humanities, for now. Acta Juridica. 2022. 1-51.

Erik Doxtader. Zōon Logon Ekhon—The (Dis)Possession of an Echo. Philosophy & Rhetoric 50:4 (2017): 452-472.

Erik Doxtader. The Recognizability of Recognition: Fragments in the Name of a Not Yet Rhetorical Question, Philosophy & Rhetoric 48:4 (2015): 379-412.

Erik Doxtader. Harmonizing Drones. Cosmopolis-A Review of Cosmopolitics 2015: 51-62.

Erik Doxtader. Coming to terms with a declaration of barbarous acts. In Re/Framing Identifications,Michelle Baliff (Long Grove: Waveland Press, 2013), 116-130.

Erik Doxtader. Is there a question of rhetorical theory?  2008 Conference on Rhetorical Theory. 

Erik Doxtader. And Now, A Word – Asking Too Much. 2011 Conference on Rhetorical Theory. 

Erik Doxtader. A Note on the ‘Potential’ Experience of Rhetorical/Theory. Review of      Communication (2003).

Erik Doxtader. Characters in the Middle of Public Life: Consensus, Dissent and Ethos.”    Philosophy and Rhetoric  33 (2000): 336-369.

Erik Doxtader. The Entwinement of Argument and Rhetoric: A Dialectical Reading of Habermas’ Theory of Communicative Action. Argumentation and Advocacy  28 (1991): 51-63.

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