an evolving set of readings, resources, and provocations, in some or another order of arrival or encounter. all worth a look and a listen. 


|| The Conference on Rhetorical Theory

|| Black Women’s Studies (BWST) Booklist [online in February 2019]

|| On Walter Benjamin’s Einbahnstrasse/Oneway Street.

|| Philippe-Joseph Salazar, Les Influences



|| a letter from the international media to south africa… click here. enough and so        well said. it may be time to review a classic…click here.

|| Statement by the Economic Freedom Fighters Mpumalanga, economic emancipation movement, mission statement (11/07/2013)

|| Trevor Manuel: Address by Minister in the Presidency: National Planning Commission, during the 2013 Annual Govan Mbeki Memorial Lecture, Red Location Museum, Port Elizabeth (10/07/2013)

|| President Barack Obama at the University of Cape Town  (29/6/2013)

|| Mamphela Ramphele: Address by Agang South Africa Leader, at the official launch of the Agang SA political party, Tshwane Events Centre, Pretoria (22/06/2013)